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Hundreds of police to be added to fight settler crime - 2021-12-14 23:50:53

At the initiative of Defense Minister Benny Gantz, work will be carried out to recruit hundreds of additional IDF soldiers to the police for staff positions in order to add hundreds of police officers to the Judea and Samaria District.

One of the purposes for which the police will be added is to address nationalistic crime committed by Jewish extremists.


IsraelN.com Comment:

Anyone who knows how the IDF / Police work, understand that you just don't recruit soldiers / policemen for a specific duty, without establishing relevant units, with a command structure and budgets.

A commander must be appointed, and this commander will likely be an anti-Settler Leftist, who himself will have political ambitions.

Also, for many years, a myth has been circulating that Settlers are violent, and attack Arabs.  This cannot be further from the truth, where the Arabs are violent against the Jews, as they are violent in every Arab country against their non Arab minorities.  Where Arabs themselves are a minority, for instance in Europe, they are violent against the majority non Arabs, as they are in Israel.

Organizations, such as RHR and others, have annual charades of Jewish violence against the Leftists or Arabs.  We know that these are charades, because these asts of "violence" can easily be predicted and they all follow the same patterns.  Typically, the "Jewish" attacker attacks the head of RHR, and the Jewish attackers flees without ever being caught.  The RHR director feigns serious injuries, but during the following days appears fully healthy.

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