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Is Israel hostage to extreme Left parties ? - 2021-08-15 16:15:50

After warning last week she might support toppling the government if it decides on military action, Meretz MK Ghaida Rinawie Zoabi in a Saturday television interview said the situation in the coalition was “complex” and that she was in the government to back peace.

“My position is very clear: I support peace and I strive for peace, and for me, peace is not just a slogan,” Rinawie Zoabi told Kan news on Saturday. She did not specify what kind of military action, or against whom, she was talking about.

Last week, Rinawie Zoabi caused a stir after telling the network’s Arabic-language radio station, Makan, that “the moment the government decides on something military, there will be a danger to the coalition.”

IsraelN.com comments:
The Bennet Government has proven itself to be hostage to extreme Left and Arab parties.  In this latest declaration, the Meretz MK stated that Meretz won't back the Government in case of an extreme security situation - operation in Lebanon, Gaza or elsewhere.

This is in addition to the wholesale abandoning of the Negev to illegal Bedouin construction, and the Construction Freeze against Jewish development in Judea-Samaria.
Another issue which this government gave into Arab and extreme Left demands, is the issue of citizenship of Arab spouses of Israeli citizens. The Arabs have been using this situation as "weaponized immigration" and itis no longer an issue of personal rights, but an organized Arab effort to undermine Israel's demographics.

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