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Archive of Secondary News Headlines

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Gangland Murder- Israeli-Arab mother, 14-year-old daughter murdered in Lod

Manar Hajaj and her daughter Hadra were shot dead under the residential building where they live after returning from shopping at the supermarket.

Manar Hajjaj, 34, and one of her twin daughters, Hadra, 14, were murdered in their car in Lod on Monday night, the other daughter, Miriam, is

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Man of peace: World leaders hail Gorbachev

PARIS — Mikhail Gorbachev, the last leader of the Soviet Union who played a major role in ending the Cold War, died in Moscow on Tuesday aged 91.

World leaders were quick to pay tribute to the man who oversaw the collapse of the USSR, a pivotal turning point in world history.


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EU Funds and Coordinates Palestinian Demonstrations Against Israel

Israeli observers have long contended that the EU funds and coordinates many of the Palestinian Arab activities against Israel, including illegal construction, demonstrations (many of which may lead to violence), financial support of terrorists and much more.

Israel has also wondered (alb

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Biden / Blinken to Accept Iran Nuclear Deal - US Capitulated on ALL of its Previous Demands

The Biden Administration has gone rogue, with the pending signing of a nuclear agreement with Iran.

It is not clear how the agreement will be binding, given the US Constitutional requirement for US 2/3 Senate approval.

A few things are clear: 

1 - Biden has a pattern

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Gantz to Saudi Paper: There's Room for Palestinian Capital in Jerusalem

Defense Minister Benny Gantz on Thursday gave an interview to the Saudi newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat in which he referred in detail for the first time to his agenda on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and stressed that he does not see peace in the Middle East without a solution to the conf

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Ministry of Education Will Destroy Zionist Ethos - Strategic Damage to Next Generations Perspectives on Israel

There is a saying, that a person only knows where they are truly headed, if they know where they came from.

The current, and very Leftist extremist government, in its dying days before the next election, is trying to create many "facts on the ground" - to promote their ideology.


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Report: IDF attacked Syrian military post near Quneitra

Israel reportedly attacked a military site at Quneitra, with fire from tanks, and some claim that Israel fired against shepherds.

This is a clear indication of increasing tension, not only between Israel and Syria, but also between Israel and Russia - which has a military presence in Syri

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Corona Dictatorship - Malls to get Green Pass rules starting Friday, Bennett and health officials agree

IsraelN.com comments:


This Government has proven itself to be grossly dictatorial, and any democratic remnant is no longer there.  Decisions which affect millions of Israelis are made by the PM and head of the extremist Meretz party - Minister of Health Horowi

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FDA Peer Review Presentation (17-9-21) - Vaccine Kills More People Than it Saves | Steve Kirsch

Vaccine Kills More People Than it Saves | Steve Kirsch

At a hearing held by the FDA on Friday, September 17, 2121, on the subject of booster injections, the third "vaccine", Steve Kirsch, CEO of the Covid-19 Pre-Treatment Fund, spoke, as he put it, about "the elephant in the room that no

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Massive Demonstrations Throughout Israel Against Encroaching Covid-19 Medical Dictatorship

Israelis are protesting the loss of basic human rights, in the supposed fight against a largely non lethal virus - Covid-19.

This illness has safe cures which are not being shared with the public, in order to force them to take the vaccines, which have proven to be very dangerous.

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Kabul Has Fallen, US Negotiating Transfer of Power to Taliban

IsraelN.com Comment:
Afghanistan is the cemetery of empires.

All countries who have conquered Afghanistan have been cursed and fell shortly afterwards.

The Soviet Union bled during the 1980s, and after so-called Afghan support for the 2001 terrorist attack ag

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IDF: This is a declaration of war

The IDF has told journalists in a press briefing that it views the rocket attacks on the Dan region as a declaration of war against Israel.

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MAJOR ESCALATION - Israel's Dimona Nuclear Reactor targeted in missile attack from Syria

Israel strikes near Damascus after Syrian missile lands near Dimona nuclear reactor
SA-5 flies from Syria all the way to Negev in longest-range attack by Syria. Patriot missile activated in response.

MAJOR ESCALATION - Israel's Dimona Nuclear Reactor targeted in missile attack from S

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'Accident' at Iran's Natanz nuclear facility after centrifuge activation

An "accident" occurred in the electricity distribution network at Iran's Natanz nuclear facility on Sunday morning, Behrouz Kamalvandi, the spokesman of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran told the Iranian Fars News Agency on Sunday. 
No injuries or pollution were caused by the incid

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Mayor, 18 others shot dead in Mexico town hall massacre (Jpost - 16:15 06/10 )

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ExerciseHigh Court hearing appeal against disqualification of Balad from elections (Times Of Israel - 15:45 06/10 )

Facebook to ban certain political ads before elections (Jpost - 15:35 06/10 )

Boeing turns to Israeli start-up for platform to 3D print aircraft and space station parts (Jpost - 15:35 06/10 )

Is this new right-wing dating app actually an FBI trap? (Jpost - 15:35 06/10 )

Over 2,000 Christians to arrive to Jerusalem for Feast of Tabernacles (Jpost - 15:35 06/10 )

Where have Russians been fleeing to since mobilization began? - explainer (Jpost - 15:30 06/10 )

International flights in Israel will depart from Terminal 3 (Arutz 7 - 15:30 06/10 )

Paralyzed Nation: Haviv Rettig Gur on three paths to end the deadlock (Times Of Israel - 15:30 06/10 )

Iran State TV Airs Footage of French Couple Accused of Spying (Algemeiner - 15:20 06/10 )

Iran reportedly charges former soccer star in absentia for ‘leading’ protests (Times Of Israel - 15:15 06/10 )

Zelensky says Putin wouldn’t survive nuclear strike on Ukraine (Times Of Israel - 15:15 06/10 )

Study: Bilinguals show more robust brain capability than monolinguals (Arutz 7 - 15:10 06/10 )

Watch: Daily Show makes mockery of Kamala Harris (Arutz 7 - 14:55 06/10 )

'There are no Jew-free zones' at Berkeley Law - Dean Chemerinsky (Jpost - 14:45 06/10 )

Oath Keepers trial to resume with testimony from fresh witnesses (Jpost - 14:45 06/10 )

Kremlin rejects reports that 700,000 have fled Russia (Jpost - 14:45 06/10 )

Damage to body from lifelong stress can increase risk of death from cancer - study (Jpost - 14:40 06/10 )

Turkey names former Jerusalem envoy as new ambassador to Israel (Jpost - 14:40 06/10 )

What happened on Iran’s ‘Bloody Friday,’ when dozens were said killed in Zahedan? (Times Of Israel - 14:40 06/10 )

Start-Up Education Powers the Start-Up Nation. - Sponsored Content (Times Of Israel - 14:35 06/10 )

Jewish LibraryIsraeli Parole Board Hears Arguments for Killer of Rabbi Binyamin Kahane and Wife Talya (Jewish Press - 14:20 06/10 )

Former policeman kills 22 children in Thailand (Arutz 7 - 14:20 06/10 )

Netanyahu: Only pressure from me stopped Lapid surrendering to Lebanon (Times Of Israel - 14:20 06/10 )

Mahmoud Abbas calls on Palestinian Americans to engage with AIPAC (World Israel News - 14:00 06/10 )

Making it count (Jpost - 14:00 06/10 )

Netanyahu released after Yom Kippur hospitalization, ‘resumes full activity’ (Times Of Israel - 13:50 06/10 )

1 killed in Russian rocket attack on Ukrainian residential area near nuclear plant (Times Of Israel - 13:50 06/10 )

North Korea fires two ballistic missiles, ‘counteracting’ US-South Korea drills (Times Of Israel - 13:45 06/10 )

Eric Weinberg, producer of hit TV show ‘Scrubs,’ charged with sexual assaults (Times Of Israel - 13:45 06/10 )

UK PM: Im a huge Zionist, want to move embassy to Jerusalem (World Israel News - 13:40 06/10 )

Mayor, eighteen others shot dead in Mexico town hall massacre (Jpost - 13:25 06/10 )

Egypt calls for return of Rosetta Stone 200 years after it was deciphered (Jpost - 13:25 06/10 )

Israel rejects Lebanon’s comments on maritime agreement (Jpost - 13:20 06/10 )

Iran airs video of 2 French citizens ‘confessing’ to spying (Times Of Israel - 13:20 06/10 )

US airborne operation kills one in government-controlled area of Syria (Times Of Israel - 13:15 06/10 )

Israeli Cabinet to Convene on Lebanon Maritime Boundary Deal (Jewish Press - 13:10 06/10 )

At least 35 killed, including 24 children, in Thailand mass shooting (Times Of Israel - 13:10 06/10 )

Daily Briefing Oct 6: Lebanon maritime border is no done deal; defrosted ovary birth (Times Of Israel - 13:10 06/10 )

Nablus governor offers terror group protection in exchange for stopping ‘useless’ attacks (World Israel News - 13:05 06/10 )

What Jewish-free Zones Mean on Campus (Jewish Press - 13:05 06/10 )

Green SpiceVictim of Yom Kippur assault recalls: Jewish mob screamed ‘Arabs! Arabs!’ (Times Of Israel - 13:00 06/10 )

Finally, Netanyahu can campaign against someone other than himself (Times Of Israel - 13:00 06/10 )

Israel rejects Lebanese changes to maritime border proposal, putting deal in doubt (Times Of Israel - 13:00 06/10 )

Police arrest Arab suspected of assaulting young woman (Arutz 7 - 12:55 06/10 )

PM Yair Lapid rejects Lebanon's changes to maritime border deal (Jpost - 12:45 06/10 )

Controversial Israel-Lebanon maritime deal faces more objections (World Israel News - 12:35 06/10 )

Gantz: Lebanon agreement will hurt Iran (Arutz 7 - 12:30 06/10 )

US anger over Saudi Arabia, OPEC will impact Israel, Middle East policy - analysis (Jpost - 12:15 06/10 )

Selected laws of building a Sukkah (Arutz 7 - 12:10 06/10 )

This MK uses only a kosher phone (Arutz 7 - 12:10 06/10 )

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